Alliance website reenabled

Well, well, well…
To cut a long story short, here’s a breakdown of what has been going on with me, myself and moi – and as such also with the alliance website!

I kind of cancelled all my accounts a while back, and in the same run I also forgot to make sure someone else had access to maintain the website/databases/services that I kept alive during II’s “primetime”.
Nevertheless, some of the hosted sites I maintaned fell into limbo and vanished of the face of the earth. That was a real downside, and something I didn’t really think about at that time.
Though, after a rather quick-and-dirty conversation with Xavier de’Lomas today (hey, I love this dude, ok!?), he was kind enough to remind me that the website and forums were down… again… And if I could “perhaps enable the site again” …
Not sure wether it was him or me me saying it could be vamped back into place, but that’s not really important – neither of us can remember it exactly.
Anyway, so said, so done : The II website is back up, and it shows all the stuff it used to, as it should and must.

However, there are still a few things that needs to be handled and fixed here and there, considering that the original website has been offline for about a year or so :
– the forum
– the killboard
– some other stuff
– our porncollection

Alas, with upgrades, some minor hacking about in the code (and with new stuff comes new headaches, as usual), the MAIN website is at least readable and running again.

Now, I have to mention that the forum is STILL THERE, but at the same time not there – I just haven’t had time to fuck around with so it’ll work fine again – though I promise that I’ll get it sorted within a few days (or in the middle of next week at least, I just have to finish of my long-beloved vacation-time before I start dabbling with the innards of the website).

So, don’t cry, we’ll be up again rather soon, and with all the standard services that the alliance members wants/needs/doesn’t need/went “WTF!?” about.

Best regards,
Mark Galean
The first grunt and slave of Infinite Innovation