News and happenings – a roundup…

Yes, we’ve been kind of lazy in the last couple of weeks, with no specific updates on what the alliance have been doing. To accomodate for that, here’s a roundup on the last events :

  • 2008.07.11 – C.H.A.O.S declares war against the alliance
  • 2008.07.12 – Out-Rage declares war against the alliance
  • 2008.07.18 – CONCORD invalidates war by C.H.A.O.S. against the alliance
  • 2008.07.18 – Out-rage rectracts war against the alliance
  • 2008.07.28 – The Secret Fleet declared war against the alliance
  • 2008.08.03 – Corporation leaves alliance : The IRIS
  • 2008.08.04 – CONCORD invalidates war by The Secret Fleet against the alliance
  • 2008.08.14 – Ooops Inc. and Aborier Crystallus decides to merge into one corporation.

As seen from the above roundup, during the war against The Secret Fleet a member corporation left after taking heavy losses from the declaring party. We wish The IRIS best of luck on their future endevours.

Also, the merger of two of the alliance corporations essentially strengthens it – allowing for easier management, more combined operations and maintainance – the more the merrier. And we’re not talking cooks.
This move has been quite relaxed, and no members were hurt during the process (a new set of hamsters were also bought). Ofcourse, some adjustment to access-levels were due, but overall, we all think it’s a major opportunity for the entire memberbase.