Rules of Engagement

These are the Rules of Engagement (RoE) for Infinite Innovation, describing when authorization to engage other pilots are authorized or not.
Note that they may change at any time and for any reason – keeping updated with the current RoE is mandatory for all alliance pilots.


– Alliance pilots CAN attack hostile NPCs without punishment from a higher authority

– Alliance pilots CAN attack NPC convoys BUT should be aware that they will be attacked by the nearest sentry-guns.

– Alliance pilots CAN initiate attacks on non-alliance pilots if they are at war with the alliance, are considered hostile to the alliance and/or any of its operation (at the discretion of squad/fleet commanders), are at less than -5 on sec.-standings or has been marked RED to the alliance.

– Alliance pilots CAN initiate attacks on non-alliance pilots if they are not at war with the alliance, or have a security status above negative five (-5).


– Alliance pilots CAN NOT attack non-alliance players that have been designated with a BLUE plus in the overview, in local or elsewhere.

– If attacked by or attacking by mistake someone being BLUE, please contact your own corporations CEO/Directors, or any of the alliance diplomats for information and proper handling.

Accidental destruction of a friendly ship will be compensated by the attacker.
The respective pilot or his/her corporation will, in cooperation with the offended pilot(s), reimburse all modules and items lost in the incident, unless other agreements are made with the offended pilot(s).