Downtime blues… No speaking for you!

Yet again Murphy strikes a vicious blow – this time by actually having our Teamspeak servers disappearing from the face of the earth.

For some reasons that I do not wish to disclose here, the server (machine) that the Teamspeak-servers were located on were taken offline. And it seems like it might be down for a wee while. So during the last few days we’ve had an outage of voice. Or rather, ability to USE our voices. It’s kind of hard to connect to a service that is down, isn’t it?

To correct this as soon as possible, we’ve added a new server to our reportoir, but that one requires a tad bit of installation before everything is back up again. In short, we have to wait another day or two for it to come back up.

This does, however, beat waiting a week or two for the original server to come back up – and it allows us to be a little bit more hard on what is being done to it, as we also have total control over it ourselves (and again, this is done by the guys over at VCS Norway – seems like we might as well just park everything in their hands).

Untill more information is out we’re then without a publically working Teamspeak server – at least an official one. We’ll be back with updates as soon as we get them, or when the new/old/whatever Teamspeak-servers are up.