Alliance Politics

Alliance Rules And Regulations

The alliance rules and regulations are discussed and ratified by the alliance Core, and then implemented by the Conclave and member corporation CEOs.

Members found to be in breach of Alliance rules and regulations will be subject to disciplinary procedure. Consistent breaches of Alliance rules and regulations by a member will be dealt with severely.

It is the individual corporation’s CEO and officers responsibility to make sure all their members have read and know the Alliance rules and regulations (Rules of Engagement and Code of Conduct)

Alliance rules and regulations can only be changed through a vote of the alliance Core members.

Duties and Rights

Policies, rulings, and standing orders of the alliance Core (including but not limited to Rules of Engagement, alliance non-aggression pacts, guidelines on military operations and public appearances) must be observed by all pilots. Participation in alliance operations by member pilots is strongly encouraged.

Internal corporation affairs remain the province of the individual corporation CEO’s and executives, except where said affairs contravene Alliance rules and regulations.
In such case it is referred to the Core or Conclave for action.

Political Contacts

All pilots, corporations or alliances that wish to contact the alliance, be it for standings. membership or otherwise, are asked to do the following:

– Post an application request through the application form
An alliance diplomat will be in touch with you when the request has been made and noticed (preferred method for applications).

– Post a request for being contacted on the alliance forums
An alliance diplomat will be in touch with you when the request has been made and noticed (preferred method for anything but applications).

– Send an evemail to the diplomat you wish to speak with
All of our diplomatic liasons are available through evemail, although they might be busy with other things. When he/she is available, you will be notified or eventually rerouted to another diplomatic contact, depending on previous communications etc.

Please try to avoid initiating direct conversations, as the diplomatic contact may be busy with other things.

Current diplomatic contacts :

– Xavier de’Lomas
– st0ne

– Cruniac

– Packinheat