Code of Conduct

Infinite Innovation Code of Conduct

This document must be read by all pilots before they can be accepted as a member of Infinite Innovation alliance. Failure to abide by these regulations will result in strict disciplinary measures or expulsion from the alliance or the member corporation one is part of.

These rules apply to all members, including the Alliance Administrative Core, diplomats, pilots and CEOs. While by no means a legal document, Infinite Innovation pilots should treat it with such seriousness.

The Ten Commandments of Personal Conduct

I. You will not smacktalk in any public channel, including local.
The official EVE Online forums also fall under the definition of public channel, as do any other corporate, alliance, or EVE Online related forums you may post on.
Should you run into a roleplayed situation, in-character ramblings are considered very different and we expect everyone to know the difference between player smacktalk and character smacktalk.
(At all times, try to avoid talking in local- use the alliance, corporation and intel-channels for what they are there for instead).

See also Alliance Communication section on this site

II. When posting on the Eve-Online Official forums, you must guarantee that what you write will not cast our alliance in a negative light. Alliance image is important to us.The alliance Core will not refrain from issuing gag orders if a member’s forum conduct is deemed unacceptable, nor will it tolerate violations of CCP’s own Terms of Use Agreements.

III. Only the alliance Core or a specially sanctioned press officer will be allowed to make official Alliance statements on the EVE Online forums.

IV. You will not threaten or harass any players of the game, including enemies, friends, corpmates, ISD, et. al. Always show respect, even in times of disagreement.

V. You will not break any agreements or contracts you make. This includes ransoms, escrows, obligations to other players, and the like.

VI. You will not intentionally mislead or deceive the game’s players, especially members of the alliance. Doing so in wartime will result in immediate expulsion. In addition, you will not scam the contracts system, nor use cargo cans to promote aggression. Use of any exploit is prohibited.

VII. You will post all killmails and lossmails within one day of receiving them, however, the sooner they’re posted the better in order to prevent the loss of mails by deletion or bugs. There are two exceptions: lossmails where NPCs or sentry guns killed you without player involvement and pod suicide. Please keep your CONCORD mails in your inbox for at least 2 weeks before deletion.

VIII. You will ask for a lossmail from your attacker should the system be bugged. Forging of killmails is only allowed if the mail is bugged and your victim does not send you his or her lossmail. Ask politely and thank him for the fight. Anyone caught forging killmails under any other circumstances will be subject to action appropriate to the issue, in some cases this may mean expulsion.

IX. Members will be present at all alliance ops if online and available, unless there is sufficient reason for the person to be doing something else. You will follow all orders given to you by fleet command.

X. All participants will logon to Teamspeak for at least the duration of the operation. You will be expected to clear comms when told to do so. Disregard for this rule may result in podding at the fleet commander’s discretion.

Alliance Operations

I. You agree to read the internal forums and alliance mail on a regular basis. Basic orders will come through alliance mail but necessary details will be posted on the internal boards.

II. Any orders given to you by a superior must be followed within the timeframe given.

III. If a player is to be absent for more than a week, or is to be gone during a major operation, they must indicate so on the internal forums in the relevant thread, not via alliance mail.

IV. All members are allowed to start gangs and fleets, except during corporation and alliance-wide operations.

Alliance Asset Distribution

I. PvP loot will be either distributed equally amongst all participants or dumped on Market, whichever the fleet commander prefers. However, pilots may ask for a specific module or item from the salvage for personal use and may receive it if the other participants agree. People who have lost ships in the fight have precedence and should be compensated with more loot.

II. All minerals gathered during alliance mining operations will go to the alliance Production hangars (handled by the Executor corporation or designated corporation for the task). Minerals harvested for personal money making are not affected.

Leadership Conduct

I. The “Alliance Core” consists of the CEOs of the founding corporations.

II. The member base will have the opportunity to question (but not dismiss) the orders and internal changes affecting them. There must be ample debate for a vote to be started, but any member may choose to start a vote invalidating the change in question. For the vote to be a success, 2/3rds of the entire member base must agree to repeal the act.

III. The alliance Core and alliance Conclave is bound by all points of this Code just like any members. The alliance Core is responsible for overseeing the integrity of the alliance. Consequences will generally be more severe should a leadership figure breach the Code.