Earlier website and services downtime

A few days ago the entire website was taken down, and moved to another server outside it’s old network – ie. it simply went into the state of not being available without any major notice from me. This is however resolved now, and to avoid future issues we’ve set up another failover-system.

During the transition to the new server, we also did some maintainance (upgrading the backends, and tweaking a few things here and there), and should be working better than before. At least it seems so now after the move.

Ofcourse, we have not been able to test the entire setup fully, so any errors that might occur should be reported as soon as possible, either to me directly (you know where to find me), or to the support-team at VCS Norway (thanks to them for the quick responses btw.), making sure that any of our changes doesn’t affect us further in a negative way.

On behalf of myself, and Infinite Innovation alliance as such – sorry for the unannounced downtime.

– Mark Galean