Alliance Administration

Alliance structure and buildup

An executive committee consisting of the CEO’s of the senior member corporations runs the alliance (the Core), with one of its members holding presidential veto-rights.

All other full member corporations have 1 vote in relevant Alliance proposals to be rendered by their CEO or by one of their designated representatives.
The methods for how their CEO or representative arrives at their vote is to be decided by the individual member corporations.

The different sections are described briefly here:

Core (Alliance administration)
The alliance leadership, handling alliance progress and future plans. Positions in this group are set by the three oldest senior corporations unless agreed otherwise or found useful by the alliance Core.

Conclave (Alliance corporation council)
Handles communication, discussions and feedback to/from the alliance Core, and maintains corp-to-corp relations when required.

Three representatives of each corporation is active here.

Diplomats (Alliance diplomatic team)
Alliance diplomats and liasons, responsible for standings, agreements and outside relations.

Alliance diplomatic liasons are chosen by the alliance Core and Conclave based on participation by the respective alliance corporation pilots.

Industry (Alliance Industrial Core)
Handles production, mining, logistics/transportation and POS development in cooperation with the alliance Core and Conclave.

Note: Each allliance corporation must have 2 (two) appointed pilots responsible for political and administrative talks/responses with/to/from the alliance Core members.