About Ooops Inc.

Ooops Inc. is a corporation started in late 2005, and have a stable, friendly and mature memberbase (average age of our members is around 30+)

What we seek

– Mature, active pilots with completed trialtime and a willingness to work in groups.
– Pilots that have done a little bit of everything, or are interested in a specific part of the game (specialiced pilots are always welcome).
– PVP pilots of all types (no pirates)

What we can offer

– Mature and active PVP/PVE pilots and industrialists, meeting people with a good sense of humor
– Pilots with good intentions (we’re not pirates)
– Dedicated support and training (almost all areas of EvE gameplay)
– PVP / PVE / industrial operations (we’re jacks of all trades)
– Dedicated private Teamspeak-servers, forums, website, killboard
– Experienced FCs for PVP- and PVE-operations
– Alliance- and corporation-side operations on a regular basis
– Active members in both EU and US timezone (australians are welcome!)

About the corporation

We’re an older corporation in Eve (about 5 years as a corporation, with the first year of our alliance as the executor corporation), and members coming from all ends of the Eve universe.
We’re not pirates, and will not accept actions of such kind, ever.

Our main idea is to remain a laidback corporation, ie. not enforcing what our pilots are able to do or not. Apart from piracy, we’re open for more or less anything as long as it involves fun and cooperation with other members of the corporation and the alliance – ie. we play in our own style, pace and on our own terms.

Ofcourse, we do have some rules, but those are for the pilots and corporations own benefit, protection and reputation.