Infinite Innovation

An Eve Online Alliance

Infinite Innovation – the alliance

Based on the same terms that the previous unofficial alliance (three of the original alliance member corporations) had been working on, it came to life at 10th of August 2007, bringing the founding corporations into a final and official stage of their cooperative ventures.

What does the alliance stand for?

The founding corporations has been a haven for players that enjoy cooperation, fun and laughs. At the same time they have a combined mentality against piracy, so that part quickly became part of the alliance theme: An active group of both industrial- and pvp-capable pilots in active pursuit and combat against pirates in the regions that the alliance is working in.

The alliance goals?

Infinite Innovation is primarily an alliance consisting of personnel that enjoys playing with others likeminded. The path that the alliance has taken (so far) has been to enter lowsec areas where there has been a decent amount of targets (pirates and hostiles).
Though, the alliance is not bound simply to being a group of anti-pirates, but are also combining forces against common enemies of our allied corporations and alliances – mutual-sided combat in other words.

Where does the alliance operate?

Due to the nature of the question, we’ll respond with “lower security empire and certain areas of 0.0” for now – this both to protect ourselves, our assets and our affiliations. We also work in high security empire ofcourse.

Do you have 0.0 access?

The alliance itself has no alliance-owned system/dedicated access (as in sovereignty etc.), but we do have access to 0.0 by means of our cooperation and affiliations with other alliances.

Which corporations can apply to the alliance?

Any corporation that feels they share the same ideas and mentality may apply for membership to the alliance.
Each corporation will, if accepted, be required to move to the areas that we reside in.

How can a corporation apply?

Simple – all applicants need to fill out an application form (CURRENTLY DISABLED) giving us some information about the corporation and its members. When this is done, one of the diplomatic liasons and the administrative core will contact the CEO or the person(s) given as other contact(s).

Note: Corporations with less than 15 members might be asked to join one of the existing corporations instead. This depends on the corporations type, goals and information given.

You can also contact our diplomats ingame for further information.