Alliance operational areas NBSI-active

Due to the current state of the areas the alliance currently resides in (Aeman constellation), a green light is given for agressive actions against neutral pilots.

All pilots are hereby authorized to use lethal force to control the amount of neutrals entering these system:
– Rorsins
– Thelan

We advice all alliance pilots to warn neutrals about this, so they have reasonable time to move out of the operational areas.

– Inform neutrals of this so they are aware of the status prior to engaging
– If neutral is not listening, or rejecting request, target becomes free fire.
– If neutral is not responding in due time, target becomes free fire.
– If requesting NAP, NPC-ratting is NOT a valid reason.
– If requesting NAP, all inquiries are to be done through the alliance website.
– NPC corporation pilots will NOT be NAP’ed. He/she will require to be in a player-run corporation.
– Alliance pilots CAN but do not HAVE TO attack, but SHOULD consider agressive action IF that is deemed necessary for the security of the inhabitans of Thelan/Rorsins.