New alliance corporation: Free Galactic Enterprises

Today another corporation has joined our alliance: Free Galactic Enterprises (FREGE)

The FREGE corporation was formerly part of the FREGE alliance, and the original founders of it.

As Ooops Inc. CEO and alliance head officer, I give my salute to the FREGE members, and wish them very welcome, and thanks for letting us be your choice of pilots to fly with!

Orionbeta, Bodycollecter and the rest of the FREGE team also gets a personal kudos from me, and a “glad to have you flying with us again” – Ooops Inc. was part of the FREGE alliance for a very short duration a good while back, and you all have my sincerest respect.

Our best wishes to you guys, and with hopes that our cooperative ventures and future as an alliance will be fruitful.